Our Company

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Our Services

Annual Engine and Drive Servicing

Regular servicing at the correct intervals is imperative to keep your engines and transmissions reliable. Using the best quality parts we can offer an extremely high level of service, working to Volvo protocols and interval specifications for your engine or transmission.

IPS Servicing and repair.

Outdrive and Transmission Repair

Diagnosis and rectification of issues experienced with transmissions, like new seals or shaft repair.

IPS Servicing and repair.

Diagnostic Investigation into EVC, EDC with data analysis and fault code read out. Rectification of faults is accessible due to diagnostic equipment.

Engine removal and rectification work.

Pre-Purchase Inspections and Sea Trial

With expert knowledge of the products, visual inspection and reporting can save you time and money when thinking to purchase a new vessel. Sea trial with data logging can make sure all is in order with the engines and transmissions.